New Book Reveals: The 101 Reasons You Will Lose Your Memory Over Next Few Years.

This simple and easy-to-read book will show you…How  unimportant looking stuff  you do in your life affects your brain health. And how you can fix it ….Easily!

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In this book You Will Discover…

  • How EASY it is to maintain your Brain Health

    Did you know using GPS every single time damages your brain’s ability to find directions? There are hundred other things you can do after reading this book

  • No Time? No Problem!

    Yes! No one has time to sit down and complete a sudoku book. This book will teach you how to exercise your brain without having to spend any extra time on it.

  • No need to buy expensive brain exercise programs

    You can start exercising your brain and boost its capacity just by reading this book. Don’t waste money on monthly fees, buying puzzle books every month.

How can a health book be FUN to read?

Most health books are boring. But not this one. Dr. Grewal did not want to write a book which would put you to sleep. He will make you chuckle, he will make you giggle, and still get your brain exercising!

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I received this delightful little tome (we might say “tomette”) last month from my son. Dr. Grewal has a really clever presentation of the “bad news.” It’s sort of like, “if your goal is to see how it feels to be hit by a car, walk into the path of an oncoming automobile,” then his “Booster” will tell you how NOT to get hit by a car. It’s a fun read and will be a marvelous gift to someone you care about, including yourself.

AC Metcalf
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